Video Sign

Welcome to eFormAsia, the digital signature solution that revolutionizes the signing process with an optional video recording feature!

With eFormAsia, you can sign any document or agreement electronically, saving you time, money, and the hassle of printing, scanning, and mailing. But what sets us apart is our video recording feature, which adds an extra layer of authenticity and trust to your signature process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your document or agreement to eFormAsia platform.
  2. Add the recipients and assign signature fields.
  3. Turn on the video recording feature.
  4. Each recipient signs the document electronically, while recording a video of themselves.
  5. You receive a notification when all parties have signed, and the signed document and videos are securely stored in the cloud.

With eFormAsia, you can also invite multiple parties to sign on the same document, track the signing process, set reminders, and add custom branding to your documents.

Whether you’re signing a contract, an agreement, or any other document, eFormAsia makes it easy and secure. Try it today with our free trial and experience the power of digital signatures with the added personal touch of video recording!

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